Sr.no.Calatog no.Product Name
1005Balance general laboratory purpose
2006Balance chemical
3007Balance Physical
4008Balance Hydrostatic
5009Spring Balance, Flat Metric
6010Balance Lever
7012Balance Beranger
8013Single Pan Dial-O-Gram Balance
9014Double Beam Balance
10015Triple Beam Balance
11017Spring Balance
12018Spring Balance Newton Range
13019Spring Balance Dual Range
14020Spring Balance Tubular Dual Range
15022Spring Balance Tubular Metric
16023Spring Balance Dial Type
17024Personal Weighing Balance
18025Loading Balance Electronic
19027Balance Mass Set Physical
20028Balance Mass Set, Analytical
21029Fractional Weight
22030Weights With Hooks
23032Slotted Masses, 1000gm Set
24033Slotted Masses Set, Steel
25034Slotted Masses, 500gm Set
26035Slotted Masses, 200gm Set
27037Hexagonal Iron Masses with Ring
28038Scale Wooden
29039Scale Wooden
30040Plastic scale
31042Scale Metal
32043Measuring Tape
33044Measuring Tape Fiber
34045Vernier Callipers
35047Vernier Callipers
36048Vernier Callipers, ime type
37049Calliper, Demonstration
38050Micrometer Screw Gauge
39052Micrometer Screw Gauge

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