Sr.no.Calatog no.Product Name
10446Double Convex
20448Double Concave
30450Plano Convex
40452Set Of Six Lenses
50454Cylindrical Lenses
60456Adjustable Lense Holder
70458Lens Holder Wooden
80460Lens Holder
90462Lense Holder, Metal
110466Circular Mirror
120468Mirror Plane Front Coated
130470Convex Mirrors
140474Cylindrical Concave Mirror
150476Cylindrical Convex Mirror
160478Equilateral Prism
170480Right Angle Prisms
180482Prisms, Perspex
190484Prisms, Perspex
200486Hollow Glass Prisms
210488Fresenel’s Biprism
220490Glass Block
230492Glass Block, Semi-circular
240494Perspex Block ,rectangular
250496Block Perspex, Semi Circular
260498Perspex Blocks, Set
270500Optical Pins
280502Hand Magnifier
290504Magnifier, reading Glass
300506Folding Magnifier
310508Folding Magnifier
320510Pocket Magnifier
330512Watchmaker’s Eye Glass
340514Flexible Arm Magnifier
350516Illuminated Magnifier
360518Optical Bench, Wooden
370520Optical Bench Wooden 1.5 Meter
380522Optical Bench
390524Optical Bench, Double Rod
400526Holders For Diffraction Objects
410528Prism Table
420530Object Needle Mounted
430532Cross Wires
440534Pinhole Screen
450536Iris Diaphragm

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