MECHANICS no.Product Name
1095Pulleys, 38mm
2097Pulleys, 50mm
3098Pulleys, Plastic, 50mm
4099Pulleys, Metal, Quadruple
50100Pulleys, Metal, Quadruple With Hooks
60102Differential Pulleys
70105Pulley Wall / Board Mounting
80107Pulley Bench /Table Mounting
90108Rod Mounting Pulley
100110Force Board
110112Universal Force Table
120114Maxwell Apparatus
130116Lever Kit
140118Lever Simple Form
150119Wheel And Axle Compound, Metal
160120Inertia Balance Kit
170122Wheel Fly
180124Wheel And Axle, Wood
190126Wheel And Axle, Wood, Wall Mount
200128Falling Bodies Apparatus
210130Miniature Hoist
220132 Hook’s Law Apparatus
230134Elastic Material Kit
240135Young’s Modulus Apparatus
250137Youngs Modulus Of Wires Apparatus
260138Compound Pendulum, Reversible
270140Compound Pendulum, Kater, Reversible
280142Pendulum Bobs
290144‘g’ By Free
300146Inertia Apparatus
310148Material Kit, Solids
320150Set Of Cubes, Metal, Assorted
330158Displacement Vessel
340160Displacement Vessel/Container
350162Bucket And Cylinder
360164Springs Steel
370166Hardness Of Metal Apparatus
380168Metal Twisting Apparatus
390174Metal Bending Apparatus
400176Maxwells Needle
420180Pascal’s Law Apparatus
430182 Inclined Plane Simple
440184Inclined Plane
450186Inclined Plane And Friction Board
460196Friction Board Apparatus
470198Lever Kit
480200 Lever Kit Simple Form
490202Dynamic Trolley Wooden
500204Trolleys Runway
510206Trolleys Runway Short Type
520208Ticker Tape Timer
530212Specific Gravity Bottle
540214Spounting Jar
550216Communicating Vessels
560218Lift Pump Mounted
570220 Lift Pump Unmounted
580222Force Pump Mounted
590222Force Pump Unmounted
600224Force Pump Unmounted
610226Fluid Pressure Apparatus
620228Cartesan Diver
630230Weighted Glass Bulb
640232 U- Tube On Stand
650234Hares Apparatus
660236Boyle’s Law Apparatus
670238Charle’s Law Apparatus (Joll’s Apparatus)
680240Jolly’s Air Bulb
690242Boyle’s Law Glass Tubes
700246 Universal Hydrometers
710248 Nicholoson Hydrometers
720250Density Hydrometer
730252Beaume Glass Hydrometers
740254 Battery Hydrometer
750256Bernouli Tube
760258Soap Film Demonstrator
770260 Fluid Pressure Apparatus
780262Liquid Leval Apparatus
790316Ring And Ball, Gravesande
800320Bar And Gauge

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