LIGHT no.Product Name
10538Object Screen
20540Adjustable Slit
30542Candle Holder
40544Ground Glass Screen
50546Lamp 240v
60548Jolly Photometer
70550Photometer Grease Spot
90554Graticule Eye-piece
100556Polariser And Analyser
110558Hertley Optical Disc
120560Optical Disc, Simple
130562Ray Box
140564Ray Box Ph Pattern
150568Ray Optical Box
160570Compact Light Sources
170572Smoke Cell
180574Ray Box -cum Color Mixing Apparatus
190576Ray Optics Kit
200578Parallel Beam Projector
210580Sodium Lamp
220582Sodium Vapour Lamp
230584Mercury Vapour Lamp
240586Spectrometer Standard
250588Spectrometer Senior
260590Optical Grade Prisms For Spectrometer
270592Diffraction Grating Replica
280594Pinhole Camera Kit
290596Pinhole Camera, Wooden
300598Model Of Astronomical Telescope
310600Galileo’s Telescope Model
320602Demonstration Model Of Astronomical Telescope
330604Demonstration Model Of Galieleon Telescope
340606Model Of Periscope
360610Polarimeter Half Shadow
370612Polarimeter Bellingham And Stanley
380614Newton’s Ring
390616Newton’s Colour Disc

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