12062Torso With Head
22064Torso Half Size With Head
32066Torso Without Head 8 Parts
42068 Torso Without Head Male/female
52070Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs
62072Torso Small Without Head
72074Head And Brain Model
82076Half Of The Head
92078Brain Model
102080Brain Model
112082Eye Model
122084Eye Model, Big Size
132086Eye In Bony Orbit
142088Eye Model On Bony Base
152090 Human Ear
162092Human Ear, Large
172094Human Ear, Giant
182096Human Nose L.S.
192098Tooth Model
202100Upper Triple Root Molar With Caries
212102 Upper Triple Root Molar Withcaries 15 Times,full Size, 6 Parts
222104Dental Care Model
232106Upper And Lower Jaw
242108Human Upper And Lower Jaw
252110Lower Jaw With Teeth
262112Teeth With Tongue
272114Larynx Full Size
282116Larynx With Tonge
292118Lungs Right
302120Model Of Heart And Lungs
312122Heart With Lungs & Larynx
322124Human Heart
332126Human Heart Simplified
342128Human Heart 2 Parts
352130Human Heart 3 Times
362132Model Of Human Heart 3-times
372134Human Heart, Giant
382136Human Stomach
392138Liver With Gall Bladder
402140Skin Section
412142Muscle Figure
422144Human Circulatory System
432146Human Digestive System
442148Human Digestive System
452150Intestinal Villius
462152Human Nervous System
482156Spinal Cord
492158Aids Virus
502160 Human Kidney
512162Human Kidney Section, Nephrons And Blood Vessels And Kidney Glomerulus
522164 Kidney With Adrenal Gland, 2-part
532166Urinary Organs Kidney With Bladder
542168Urinary Organs
552170Female Pelvis Section
562172Male Pelvis Section
572174Pregnancy Pelvis With Baby
582176Period Of Gestation
592178Artificial Human Skull, 2-parts
602180Artificial Human Skull, 3-parts
612182Model Of Human Skeleton
622184Skeleton Model Miniature
632186Animal Cell
642188Animal Cell
652190Animal Cell Division Mitosis
662192Mitosis Model
672194Animal Cell Division Meiosis
692198Models Of Amoeba
702200Slipper Animalcule Paramecium
712202Fish Dissection
722204Frog Development
732206Frog Dissection
742208Earthworm Dissection
752210Bird Dissection
762212Frog Life History Models
772214D.N.A. Model
782216R.N.A. Model
792218Typical Flower
802220Typical Flower L.S.
812222Plant Cell
822224Typical Plant Cell
832226Dicot Stem Anatomy T.S. & L.S.
842228 Dicot Stem T.S
852230Monocot Stem Anatomy T.S. Or L.S.
862232Monocot Stem T.S
872234Leaf Anatomy
882236Dicot Leaf V.S.
892238Monocot Leaf V.S.
902240Dicot Roots T.S.
912242Monocot Roots T.S.
922244Root Tip Of Fern
932246Open Collateral Conducting Bundle Of A Dicotyle
942248Fertilisation Of The Angiosperms
952250Plant Mitosis
962252Plant Mitosis
972254Dicotyledon Plant Stem, Cross Section (large Size)
982256Plant Cell Division Meiosis

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