Sr.no.Calatog no.Product Name
10312Linear Thermal Expansion
20314Ring And Ball, on Stand
30316Ring And Ball, Gravesande
40318Ring And Ball, Gravesande
50320Bar And Gauge
60322Bar And Gauge
70324Linear Expansion Appratus, Steam Type
80326Gunther Linear Expansion Apparatus
90328Bar Breaking Apparatus
100330Compound Bar Nickel & Invar
110332Compound Bar Copper & Iron
130336Thermocouple Copper - Iron
140338Expansion of Liquid Apparatus
150340Hope’s Apparatus
160342Hypsometer, Regnault
170344Calorimeter Copper, Set
190348Calorimeter Joule’s
200350Calorimeter With Wooden Box
210352Calorimeter, Joule’s
220354Calorimeter Joule’s
230356Calorimeter Blocks
240358Equal Mass Cylinders, Set of Six
250360Equal Size Cylinders, Set of Six For Sp. Heat
260362Steam Heater
270364Steam Boiler Tinplate
280366Steam Trap
290368Edser Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
300370Paraffin Wax
310372Steam Generator, Copper
320374Rods For Thermal Conductivity Experiment
330376Thermal Conductivity Kit
340378Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Apparatus
350380Weighted Glass Bulb
360382Ingenhausz Apparatus
370384Ingenhauz Apparatus
380386Wood And Metal Rod
390388Thermostat Model
400390Thermal Conductivity Of Copper, Searle’s Apparatus
410392Convection & Radiation
420394Ventilation Apparatus, Convection In Air Apparatus
430396Leslie’s Cube
440398Pair of Concave Spherical Mirrors
450400Radiant Heat Source, Low Voltage
460402Crooke’s Radiometer
470404 Thermoscope Ether
480406 Platinum Resistance Thermometer
500410Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance of Iron
510412Rotating Vane Apparatus
520414Kinetic Theory Model
530416Charles Law Apparatus
540418Constant Volume Air Thermometer
550420Absolute Expansion of Mercury Apparatus
560422Thermometer, Wall (clsius And Fahrenheit)
570424Thermometer Wall
580426Steam Engine Model
590428Steam Engine With Boiler
600430Hero’s Engine
610432Petrol Engine,two Stroke
620434Petrol Engine, Four Stroke
630436Diesel Engine, Two Stroke
640438Diesel Engine, Four Stroke
650440Turbojet Engine / Gas Turbine
660442Wankel Engine
670444Malvern Energy Conversion Kit
68ALarge Motor/generator
69BLamp Unit Triple
70CFly Wheel Unit
71DLine Shaft Unit
72EHandwheel Driving Uni
73FHead Of Water Unit
74GSpring Unit
75HTurbine Unit
76IStorage Battery Unit
77KEddy Current Unit
78KPlug-in Lamp Mounts
79LMotor For Solar Cell, Mounted
80MMounted Solar Cell
81NMounted Lamp

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