Sr.no.Calatog no.Product Name
10814Porous Pot Cylindrical
20816Copper Voltmeter
50822Ni-fe Cell
60824Leclanche Cell
70826Simple Cell Pot
80828Leclanche Cell Pot
90830Standard Cell
100832Oersted’s Apparatus
110834Demonstration Transformer
120836Demonstration Motor
130838Motor, Open Type
140840Demonstration Motor, St. Louis
150842Demonstration Dynamo
160844Bicycle Dynamo Assembly
170846Induction Coil
180848Induction Coil
190850Induction Coil, Spark, Open Type
200852Morse Sounder
210854Carbon Arc Lamp
220856 Telegraph Set, Table Type
230858Telegraph Set, Lecture Pattern
240860Bell Demonstration Model
250862Bell Demonstration Model
260864Rheostat Resistors Sliding Contact
270866Rheostat Resistors Sliding Contact
280868Rheostat Double Tube Resistors Sliding Contact
290870Rheostat Double Tube
300872Rheostat Single Tube
310874Rheostat (single Type) Resistors Single
320876Wheatstone Bridge, One Meter
330880Potentiometer, One Meter, Single Wire
340882Post Office Box Plug Type
350884Post Office Box Plug Type
360886Post Office Box, Wheatstone Bridge
370888Resistance Box, Single Dial
380890Resistance Box, Plug Type
390892Resistance Box, Plug Type
400894Resistance Box, Decade Dial Type
410896Inductance Box Decade Dial Type
420898Capacitance Box
430900Resistance Coils
440902Resistance Coils
450904Standard Resistance Coil
460906Crompton Potentiometer
470908Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge
480910Vernier Potentiometer Meters Moving Coil
500914Milli Ammeters
510916Micro Ammeters
530920Milli Voltmeters
570928Milli Ammeters
600934Milli Ammeters
620938Demonstration Meter
630940Demonstration Meter Interscale
640942 Dial Interchangeable
660946K var Meters
670948Phase Sequence Indicator
680950Phase Sequence Indicator
690952Cell Tester/voltmeter
700954Spot Galvanometer
710956Tangent Galvanometer
720958Ballistic Galvanometer
730960Multimeter Multi Tester
750964Multimeter Pocket size (digital)
760966Oscilloscope, Single Trace
770970Signal Generator AM-FM
780972Signal Generator
790974Signal Generator & Amplifier
800976Function Generator, Audio
810978Function Generator, 0-1 Hz - 1 Mhz
820980R.F. Oscillator
830982Laboratory Trainer Kit
840984Worcester Circuit Board Kit
850986Resistance Substitution Box
860988Diode Unit Silicon
870990Thermistor Unit
880992Zener Diode Unit
890994Photo Electric Cell Unit
900996Solar Cell Unit
910998Mini Motor Unit
921000NAND Gate Unit
931002OR Gate Unit
941004Variable Capacitors
951006Fixed Capacitors
961008Demonstration Model Of Stereo Cassette Player Trainer Kit
971010Experiment To Calculate E/m By Thomson Method
981012e/m By Long Solenoid / Helical Method
991014e/m By Short Solenoid Method
1001016e/m By Magnetic Focussing Method
1011018Regulated Power Supply
1021020Regulated Power Supply, Digital
1031022Power Supply, Constant Voltage, Constant Current
1041024Dual Power Supply, AC/DC
1051026Dual Power Supply, AC/DC, Regulated
1061028Variable Power Supply, AC/DC, Regulated
1071030Regulated Power Supply (without Meters)
1081032AC/DC Power Supply
1091034D.C. Power Supply 0-12 V DC, 5 Amps
1101036D.C. Power Supply 0-12 V DC,15 Amp
1111038AC/DC Power Supply 0-50V, 4 Amp
1121040Power Supply, High Voltage
1131042Power Supply, Triode Valve
1141044High Tension, Power Supply
1151046Battery Eliminators
1161048Variable Auto Transformer
1171050Step Down Transformers
1181052Transformer 1 KVA, 115/230V
1191054Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer
1201056Knife Switch Single
1211058Knife Switch, Double
1221060Reversing Switch
1231062Toggle Switch (one Way)
1241064Toggle Switch (two Way)
1251090Lamp Holder
1261092Lamp Holder, Mes
1271094Screw Driver, Electric Tester
1281096Soldering Iron
1291098Soldering Station, Temperature Controlled
1301100Soldering Station, Temperature Controlled
1311102Desoldering Pump
1321104Soldering Paste
1331106Wire Stripper
1341108Insulating Tape
1351110Copper Wire, Bare
1361112Manganin Wire
1371114Constantan Wire
1381116Wire Flexible
1391118Twin Flexible Wire
1401120Cartridge Fuses
1411122Fuse Holder
1421124Fuse Wire
1431126Battery Holder
1441128Battery Holder, Pencil
1451130Nichrome Wire
1461132Geissler’s Tube
1471134Molecular Movement Tube

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