1. Fixed square stage 110 mm x 110 mm
2. Dust proof triple revolving nose piece with positive click stops
3. Focusing by seperate coarse and fine focusing knobs on both sides
4. Illumination by built in LED Light with intensity controller


OBJECTIVES: 4X, 10X & 40X S/L [Achromatic]


1. Plano Concave Type Mirror Attachment
2. Battery Backup System
3. Pointer EyePiece 10x
4. XY Graduated Stage
5. Quadruple Nosepiece



To build up a strong foundation of STEM education and introduce our young generation to the world of science, Educational Microscopes prove out to an ideal tool to get going the curious scientist within each child.

Looking at the image of a cell in school books or through an online video might not create deep learning impact as examining it live through a microscope can. With easy to use controls and a simple rugged structure, these educational microscopes are designed keeping in view its use with the children at schools or at home. These compound microscopes are specially designed for school and medical students, eliminating many of the needless complexities of conventional instruments, yet has every essential feature for microscopic studies.

These compound microscopes use a condenser (either fixed or focusable) which helps the light entering the microscope to be focused on the sample, hence giving greater visibility of the sample. These are either featured with a Built-in Light Illumination or a Plano Concave Mirror Attachment which helps to reflect light onto the samples. The best use of these Microscopes is to analyse smaller samples that cannot be viewed with the naked eye. In a school, it might be looking at the cells in a leaf, the cells derived from a human cheek, or looking at microbes in various food items.

Micron Optik provides to our customers a range of Student Microscopes which features basic yet essential features of Microscopes. With magnification ranging up to 400x, easy change of magnifications, fine focusing mechanisms, inbuilt illumination system, and battery backup option, these Student Microscopes can help students work on it without any complications. The device provides the best optical performance for seamless knowledge transfer with good contrast and colour of the cells being viewed. Not only students but teachers as well can depend on this product for optimal teaching experience.