Product CodeCapacity mlApprox O.D. X Height mm
1234--Beakers, Low Form, with spout
1234-A522 x 23
1234-B1026 x 35
1234-C2534 x 50
1234-D5042 x 60
1234-E10050 x 70
1234-F15060 x 80
1234-G25070 x 95
1234-H40080 x 110
1234-I50083 x 115
1234-J60090 x 125
1234-K800100 x 135
1234-L1000105 x 145
1238--Beakers, Tall form, With or Without Spout
1238-A5038 x 70
1238-B10048 x 80
1238-C15054 x 95
1238-D25060 x 120
1238-E50077 x 137
1238-F60080 x 150
1238-G80090 x 175
1238-H100090 x 180
1242--Beakers, Conical with Spout
1242-A25060 x 110
1242-B50078 x 145

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